Reis de Mallorca
Hoteles con carácter

Proudly individual,
united by history.

At Reis de Majorca we strive to keep the character of Majorca, its people and its traditions alive. Our hotels are part of Cultural and Architectural Heritage, boasting typically Majorcan historical features.

Come and experience the unique legacy of the island, in a family atmosphere where you can enjoy gastronomy, nature and history.

Feel like a king, in a land of kings.


Cultural by nature.


The realm of conquests.

The Roman Empire, the Byzantines, the Vandals, the Islamic world, pirates and Christian kings.

Many people have tried to conquer it. Now the island will conquer you.

Surrender to MaJorca.


A contemporary history.

MaJorca’s strategic location in the Mediterranean has also meant long periods under siege, influencing its culture and the customs of its people. From the first settlers during the Talaiot period until the reign of King James I, the island has held onto the spirit of all of its citizens throughout history. Each and every one has left its own exceptional mark on the island’s architecture, gastronomy, and culture.

This rich diversity exists in an idyllic environment, surrounded by beautiful beaches and unspoilt natural areas. Everyone who visits Majorca is quick to realise they’ve found themselves on an island of dreams.


The jewels in the crown.



The next chapter, is up to you.