Llonguet: product from Mallorcan oven

Do you know what a Llonguet is?

It is one of the typical products of our wonderful island: a type of bread that is produced in Mallorcan ovens, especially in Palma. Small in size, ranging from 50 to 100 grams, the llonguet is prepared with white flour, has a very particular shape and is always slightly toasted.

It is an appetizing and unique bread, and it is consumed at any time of the day, depending on how it is served. For breakfast, it can be eaten with jam, but it also combines perfectly with the ‘ramallet’ tomato that is spread on the inside, a pinch of salt and oil are added. It is also very typical to taste it in the form of a sandwich, with ham or with the local sausages (sobrassada, camaiot …) and local cheeses.

If you decide to travel to Palma de Mallorca, we suggest some places you should not miss:

Tony Bar is a historic and charming bar located in Plaza Santa Eulalia, open since 1954. Here you will have the feeling that time has stopped between those walls.

Bosch bar located in the heart of Palma, in Plaza Joan Carles I (also called “de las Tortugas” or “of the tortoises”). In this traditional and famous bar, the llonguets are called ‘lobsters’. Its shape, in fact, resembles that of the prestigious crustacean, and the classic spread tomato also gives it a reddish touch: one could say that it is a lobster for the poor.
Es Vaixell, in Portixol, the coastal neighbourhood that is only five minutes away from the center of Palma. An excellent classic version with ham and cheese.







The Forn de la Glòria, located in the area of La Lonja, on the street that takes its name, is another wonder that maintains the charm of the old Mallorcan bakeries. It is essential to enjoy the delights of a sandwich made at the moment, with original combinations such as quince with goat cheese or sobrassada with fig jam.

For lunch or as a snack, the llonguet is always a hit, a practical and fun solution that unites authentic flavors and tradition.