Must-see Palma Ancient Stores

If you decide to take a day trip to Palma de Mallorca, you have to visit some of the ancient stores in the capital. Take a pleasant walk and surprise yourself in the narrow streets of the center, discovering ancient traditions and the authentic identity of the island. The City Council of Palma has promoted a wonderful initiative, aimed at identifying and recognizing the old stores with character located in the center. This list of merchants must meet at least one of these three requirements:


-antiquity, that is, how many years the activity has existed.

-the store must be in a historic or recognized building of particular cultural interest

-the store must be unique, carry out unique activities, offer craftsmanship

Recently, a list of 65 stores has been announced, which for this year belong to this special category of emblematic stores in Palma. One of them is the La Central hardware store (hardware store, naval effects and fishing items), which has been operating in the city for more than a century, with a selection of more than 30,000 different items, found in a modernist building designed by a disciple of Gaudí.

Other stores included in the list are the legendary Palma ovens (Forn de la Gloria, Forn den Fiol, Forn de Sant Elies, Forn de la Pau, Forn de Sant Antoni, Forn de la Concepcio, Forn Fondo, Forn Can Canet, Forn La Mallorquina), Gordiola glass art, Ca ‘Donya Angela haberdashery and Venetian haberdashery, Vidal wickerwork, restaurants and bars such as Flexas bar, Bellver winery, Llofriu coffee shops or Can Joan de S’aigo pastry chefs.



If you want to take a nice souvenir of Mallorca with you, you can buy a good pair of leather shoes, tablecloths with typical Mallorcan embroidery, or a piece of terracotta or ceramic art, for example, a Siurell, a typical clay figurine with an integrated whistle , painted white with green and red brushstrokes.