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Discovering the gastronomic markets of Palma

Do you want to get to know the gastronomic markets of Palma and discover the culinary tradition of Mallorca? Mallorcan cuisine combines natural ingredients, from the mountain and the sea, with ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. Discovering the markets, is an unforgettable experience mixed between flavors and history. Markets play an important… Read more 

27 Jul 2018

Must-see Palma Ancient Stores

If you decide to take a day trip to Palma de Mallorca, you have to visit some of the ancient stores in the capital. Take a pleasant walk and surprise yourself in the narrow streets of the center, discovering ancient traditions and the authentic identity of the island. The City Council of Palma has promoted… Read more 

28 Jun 2018

Beaches of Mallorca. Small guide to choose the right one.

Among the reasons that encourage many people to choose Mallorca as a tourist destination every year, are its beaches and its Mediterranean climate. Let’s discover together which the beaches of Mallorca are, how they are divided and what their characteristics are. Because the island offers visitors beaches for every need. Certainly, the beaches of Mallorca… Read more 

25 Jun 2018