What to eat in Majorca?

Before going into detail, let’s remember that the Majorcan gastronomy is exclusively Mediterranean. Therefore, it is rich in vegetables, fish, meat, olive oil and wine. Also, almonds, citrus and spices (some native to the island), that give each dish a unique taste.

1) Cocarrois and Empanadas are the jewels of the island’s bakery. The former is a pastry stuffed with vegetables (chard, raisins and pine nuts), while the latter is with lamb or pork, with bacon, peas and a little taster of Sobrasada that is always appreciated. There is also another empanada made with fish.

2) Sopes Mallorquines is a soup that alternates layers of vegetables with dry bread. The ingredients include cauliflower, chard, tomato, artichokes, mushrooms, leeks and onions. Butifarrón, a local sausage is usually added, as well as pork ribs and bacon. Sopes de Matances is a variation made in winter; it coincides with the time they slaughter the pig, known as “Matances”.

3) Tumbet is a vegetarian dish. Its ingredients include tomato, potatoes, zucchini, aubergines and peppers.

4) Frit Mallorquín is sautéed vegetables with meat. There is also Frit Mallorquí de Marisc made with seafood. It is less traditional, nevertheless exquisite.

5) Pamboli, bread with olive oil, is a good, simple dish. It is a dish that is put together according to your liking. It is easy, just rub a sliced tomato on brown bread, season it with olive oil and salt, and add ham, cheese or sausage.

6) Ensaïmada is Majorca’s iconic pastry; it is the dessert par excellence on the island. It is made in the shape of a shell and different sizes (an individual portion for breakfast, or a larger size for dozens of diners!). Various flavors include the classic with sugar, with Cabello de ángel(pumpkin marmalade), apricot marmalade, cream or chocolate. In winter, the classic Ensaïmada is perfect with a cup of hot chocolate.

7) Gató de almendra is an almond cake traditionally made with ground almonds and without flour, however this is not easy to find. It is usually served with a ball of ice cream, almond ice-cream, obviously!

If still undecided what to eat and you do not suffer from any allergies, you can always try little of everything with a ‘Variat’ (variety). It is a mixture of small tapas of the day, typically served in the local bars.

For all those who wish to enjoy this gastronomy, the rural Hotel Sa Galera has fresh produce from its garden and a well-stocked wine cellar. Every Thursday during the summer months there is a barbecue of meat and fresh fish!