Privacy Policy

1) GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE THE WEBSITE: Welcome to the website of the Reis de Mallorca Hotel Association. On this website, you will be able to obtain information and make on-line reservations at our hotels.

To guarantee the correct operation of our website and offer you a quality service, the following conditions govern the use of our site. The use of this website implies the acceptance by users of these terms and conditions, which users undertake to read carefully. The owner of this website reserves the right to modify, add or delete part of these terms and conditions at any time. Consequently, it is important for the user to read this text carefully each time he/she visits this website, since it may have undergone changes.

2) OWNERSHIP OF THE WEBSITE: The owner of this website is the Reis de Mallorca Hotel Association, domiciled at Avda. Jaime III, N3, 2 de Palma de Mallorca 07012, with telephone No. +34 4971436002 and Corporate Taxpayer No. G-07653728, registered in the Articles of Associations Office of the Mediation, Arbitration and Reconciliation Department (SMAC) of the Department of Work and Training of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands. E-mail address:

3) DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE: On this website, the Reis de Mallorca Hotel Association provides information about the associated hotels and offers a service for reserving accommodation on-line at said hotels.

4) INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL COPYRIGHT: The rights over the industrial and intellectual copyright for the elements on this website, such as brands, commercial names, logos, domain names, photographs, texts, etc., are the property of their respective owners and are protected by Spanish and international legislation. Unauthorised use of these elements (images, texts, logos or any other material on the website), such as the reproduction, publication, modification, addition, elimination or whatsoever other activity carried out without express authorisation of the owner shall constitute an infringement of intellectual and industrial copyright and other applicable legislation.

5) CONTENT: The Reis de Mallorca association and its associate hotels reserve the right to make the modifications they consider necessary regarding the products or services offered via this website without the need for notice, although they shall always maintain the prices offered on the website when you make your reservation.

The associate hotels are responsible for the truthfulness of the description of the hotel, the services offered and other content on the website. Each hotel shall ensure the correct management of its reservations service.

Offers shall be valid only during the period set by the hotels mentioned in the corresponding advertising or, otherwise, during the time they remain open to booking by clients.

6) LIMITATIONS TO USE: This website is for personal use. It is not for commercial use under any circumstances. The modification, copying, distribution, transmission, reproduction, publication, commercialisation, sale or whatsoever other activity carried out with the content of this website is prohibited, even with acknowledgement of sources, unless expressly authorised in writing by the Reis de Mallorca Association.

The user hereby guarantees that he/she shall not use this website for illegal purposes or purposes prohibited by these terms and conditions.

It is expressly prohibited for users to infringe or to attempt to infringe the security measures established for the correct operation of the website, including, but not limited to, accessing reserved information or data not for use by visitors, sending viruses, spamming. The violation or attempt to violate the security of the system or reserved information shall give the Reis de Mallorca Association the right to prosecute and demand civil or criminal liability, as applicable.

7) LINKS: The Reis de Mallorca Association shall not be responsible for the information contained on the websites of third parties that can be accessed via hyperlinks on this website. The links on this website are given for information purposes only.

8) PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: The Reis de Mallorca Association guarantees fulfillment of the provisions set forth in Organic Statute 15/1999, governing the Protection of Personal Information, and complementary laws with regard to the processing of the personal information obtained through this website. The association also guarantees the confidentiality of communications with users through this website.

9) RESPONSABILITY: The Reis de Mallorca Association and its associate hotels shall not be responsible for the following:
* Interruptions to the availability of the information due to disconnections from the Internet, network breakdowns or acts of God, or causes beyond their control.
* Damage caused by computer viruses.
* The consequences resulting from users misuse of the website contents.

The Reis de Mallorca Association may justifiably interrupt the website service for reasons to do with security, maintenance, updating or restructuring of the computer resources aimed at improving the service. These interruptions shall not give the user reason for any claim whatsoever.

Users are responsible for their communications with the Reis de Mallorca Association or its associate hotels and for the information they provide, as well as for the consequences that may result therefrom, e.g. due to the provision of false or incorrect information.

10) ADVERTISING ON THE WEBSITE: Should this website include third-party advertising, with banners, links, pop-ups, etc., the advertising companies declare that they comply with regulations governing intellectual and industrial copyright and, as such, they shall be the sole parties responsible for the images, texts, logos and information given in said advertising.

11) BREACH OF CONDITIONS: The Reis de Mallorca Association and its associate hotels hereby reserve the right to demand civil or criminal responsibility from the natural or artificial persons breaching any of the terms and conditions set forth.

12) APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: Whatsoever discrepancy arising from the content of the website or the terms and conditions set forth for the correct use thereof shall be governed by Spanish Law under the jurisdiction of the courts of the Balearic Islands.